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15 February 2010

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We typically consider resume as a document that consists of a summary of an individual’s job and work experience and educational background for specific employment search. Just like a brand name that the potential buyer comes across in the form of an advertisement, the resume depicts the individual’s career scope and objectives and is an immensely important tool that is the first contact with any prospective employer. Recent times have witnessed different styles of resume creation and internet has absolutely digitized the process of job search with professional resume makers and multiple job portals coming up facilitating easy job search and application. Numerous employers use the services of such portals in identifying the potential candidates for their companies and these portals also provide resume creation services. Resume Maker 4.2 promises effective solution for creating effective resumes and enhancing job prospects too.

Resume Maker contains intuitive functionalities of providing professional templates and samples helps the user in creating a striking resume and aim for getting the perfect job. With the coming of various job portals, companies just need a few seconds to glance over a resume and decide whether the candidate is suitable enough or not and hence it becomes imperative for the job seeker to create a resume that is luminous enough to catch the eye of these job providers. The in-built resume samples and templates assist in creating a crisp and clear cut CV that displays all the desirable skills and highlights them in a way to be in the center of job market. The utility factor and uncomplicated process makes the usage extremely easy for any job seeker in the world.

To sum up, Resume Maker 4.2 is an apt application for job seekers and proves to be immensely cost effective for landing the perfect job and gets a score of four rating points for its utility.

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With employers receiving hundreds of resumes you must make sure that your resume hooks an employer's attention within a 5-second glance. A great way to do this is to use job titles and skill headings that relate to and match the jobs you want. Our Resume samples and templates do this for you. Employers make snap judgments when glancing at your resume. If they see unrelated job titles or skills the likelihood is very high that they will make an immediate assumption that you are not qualified for the job you want. Adding to this problem is the fact that employers don't have the time to read through each of your job descriptions to determine if you have the skills they need. Using our resumes and sample templates we highlight job skills that employers are looking for
Resume Maker
Resume Maker
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This is not a resume maker. It`s just a couple of documents in a zip file.
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